An ad in French, announcing the sale of enslaved men, women, and children ranging in age from 40 years old to 5 months.
An 1811 newspaper ad for the sale of 27 enslaved people at the Exchange Coffeehouse

Walk and listen to Track 3a: Coffeehouses and Commerce (above).

Directions to St. Louis Hotel: As you leave the archways of the Cabildo's portico, turn right and walk down Chartres Street towards Canal Street. We are heading two blocks down, to the former site of the St. Louis Hotel (now the Omni Royal Orleans). Walk down Chartres Street towards Canal Street. When you get to St. Louis Street, stop at the corner and stand in front of Napoleon House restaurant, looking back down Chartres Street toward St. Louis Cathedral.

As you walk, listen to more about the growth of the domestic slave trade and hear the testimony of William Wells Brown. 

Next, listen to 3b. Tremoulet's Coffee-House and Maspero's Exchange.